Web Design

I like simple, responsive designs, and can get your site up as quickly as you need. I typically use WordPress or Adobe Muse.

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Database Administration

I work mostly with Microsoft SQL Server, and am certified in MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. I can help with database administration, design and development.

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Application Development

I can get your web-based application off the ground, while providing the most secure solutions available.

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Christine Murphy, Rebel Blue Design

I’m a freelance web developer living in the Greater Los Angeles area with my family. I enjoy a lot of sci-fi TV shows & movies and love running (honest). I also will admit to spending a lot of time on the computer – programming, designing, and learning as much about tech & development as I can. 

But, why rebel blue?

Simple enough: Blue is my favorite color, and I’m a big fan of Star Wars… (can I reference Star Wars, now that the rights are owned by Disney? I digress.) Rebel Alliance… hence, Rebel Blue.

Los Angeles

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